Abstracts & Posters

Deadline: Midnight (GMT) Sunday 17th November 2013
Abstract submission is now closed

Several of the best submitted abstracts have been selected for oral presentation throughout the conference. If you have had an abstract selected, you will be required to register for the conference as a paying delegate. You will ALSO present your work during the poster session (in addition to the opportunity to present it orally).

The goal of the abstract submissions and poster presentations at the Advances Against Aspergillosis (AAA) meeting is to present new data in the broad field of Aspergillus research and care.

An abstract already presented at an international meeting, with no updates or additional analyses, will not be accepted at AAA. Data already presented at a smaller national or regional meeting will be considered for acceptance. If an abstract already presented at an international meeting that has been updated or more recently analysed is submitted, then we (the Scientific Committee) will consider acceptance.

Posters: Guidelines and Instructions

Please click here to view a full list of the conference posters. The list also sets out the poster numbers and session that each poster will be presented in.

  • The maximum dimensions for posters are:

    Width: 90 cm (900 mm)
    Depth: 120 cm (1200 mm)

  • Please adhere to these size restrictions as this allows for the maximum number of posters, as well as continuous display throughout the conference.

  • Poster numbers will be posted on each board.

  • At registration, you will be provided with instructions on your poster location, as well as a number. The number will be on the poster board assigned to your poster. Posters should be mounted on the assigned board.

  • Posters may be put up from 09.00 on Thursday 27th February and must be removed between 14.30 and 17.00 on Saturday 1st March. Any posters left behind will be thrown away.

  • We recommend that you prepare the following labels for the top of your poster space. These should have bold lettering which is visible and 1” high (minimum) indicating:

    1. The title of your paper
    2. The author(s)

  • Please do not mount illustrations on heavy board because these may be difficult to keep in position on the poster board. The poster board are white wooden panels, and posters can be adhered with Velcro, double-sided tape or Blu-tack

  • Your illustration may be viewed at distances as far as 3 feet or more. We recommend that lettering should be at least 3/8 inches high, preferably in a typed and easy to read bold font.